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Jul. 18th, 2006 @ 03:55 pm Mom likes to play with PhotoShop
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Current Location: Mom is in the office, I'm at home doing my stink sleep
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My two-legged sibling took some pictures of Cocoa. Unfortunately, Cocoa's eyes were shinning because of the flash in the camera. Right away, mom had to play with Photoshop. Here's an account of what she did:

Here's the original photo. Notice how the flashlight reflects off of Cocoa's eyes and makes her look possessed.

Now, mom wanted a close-up of Cocoa, so she altered the photo like this:

Mom didn't like Cocoa's possessed look, so she added some eyes to the picture:

Then, mom was horrified to see that our door looked so scratched up. (What did she want? We need to scratch the door to let her know that we, the Spice Hounds, need to go out to do our business: bark, run, sleep under the sun, and go to the bathroom.) So mom decided to alter the photo to look like this:

Isn't  mom crazy to do all of this? Here's what Cocoa really looks like:

Cocoa, the destroyer.

Oh, yes, in case you couldn't tell, mom altered Cocoa's eyes in this picture as well.

Here's a good picture of Cocoa with her own eyes. She is pretty, don't you think?