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May. 13th, 2006 @ 02:29 pm Mom's Birthday
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Birthday Cake
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Today's mom's birthday. She is preparing to take that pesky Zack to his training class. He is to graduate from Basic Training. The fool cheated, he really should be in advanced, but because he has socialization issues, both the trainer and mom felt that he'd be better off in basic. Mom said he was a star pupil. Yeah, Duh, if you cheat, you do become the best. Humph.

Mom is also sad. She found a movie that she made of that annoying puppy we have, the one we named Caraway Annata, aka Carrie Ann. Smack at the beginning of the movie there was Cinnamon. Mom misses Cinnamon a lot. I do, too. She used to police me around, but she was gentle. You can view the movie at this site:


Carrie is trying to bite Zack, and Cinnamon is just watching.

I'll post Zack's graduation pictures later.